How to manage positions 

You can manage your positions from the Positions Page. Easily mark your open position as closed from the drop-down menu on the left. You can also clone your position from this menu. Scroll through your All, Draft, Open and Closed positions by clicking on the heading in the Positions Page.

Editing Positions Once Open

Open positions cannot be edited due to the nature of the dynamic application process, each role has a unique application form created and should this be edited while in an open state, any candidate that had previously applied for this role would not have completed the full application, this would make the process unfair and the ranking algorithm inaccurate.. A position can be edited while in a draft state at any time.

To replicate and edit an Open Position, simply click Clone Position and close the old one - this will create an entirely new position 

NOTE: Any candidates that may have applied for the old position will not be carried across